The Grammys

Second-Screen App Design

The Grammy Awards are supposed to be a celebration of the music industry, but the majority of the focus is on the main artists and not everyone involved in the process. This app not only gives viewers a front-row second-screen experience during the awards ceremony but also gives exposure to everyone involved in creating the music we love.

New logo
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The dashboard features three independently scrolling columns: the event schedule, the live Twitter feed, and the list of awards being given throughout the night. Users can easily see what performance or announcement is coming next, view more information about the albums and artists, or see how their own personal selections are doing in each category.

Profile Pages

Users will be able to view more information about each album, artist, or record that is nominated. Not only will they be able to listen to the music through integrated Spotify playlists, but users will also be able to view a list of every person who had a hand in creating the song or album.

Live Streams

Different camera angles will be available to toggle between during the performances to really give users a unique front-row experience.


Before and during the event, users will be able to vote for who they think is going to take home the Grammy in each category. They can then share their list with friends and compete to see who gets the most right.