Prom King

Experience Design

A disproportionate number of minority teen boys grow up in single-mother households. This not only creates a financial burden around prom time but also leaves them unprepared for the things that their fathers would typically teach them, from tying a tie to date etiquette.

Prom King is a pop-up event to help boys in underserved areas get ready for prom.

The visual identity is inspired by turn of the century typography and signage with a modern edge to keep it youthful yet refined.

Partner Brand

Hypebeast is the go-to online resource for men's fashion, sneaker, and lifestyle news, making them a perfect host for the pop-up experience. They will sponsor the event and partner with other well-known brands such as The Black Tux, Harry's, and Trojan to provide the teens with an all-inclusive experience.


Each guest will receive their invitation printed on a silk pocket square. The pocket square has unique patterns and corners that can be folded a variety of ways to expose different branded icons. When guests register online they will sign up for a time slot for their tuxedo fitting and hairstyling.

The Space

The event will be held in portable, converted shipping containers and set up in front of community centers during prom season. The space will feature a tailor for tuxedo fittings, a barbershop, Jason Markk sneaker cleaners, and indoor and outdoor lounge areas.
LEVEL ONE: The Black Tux tailor, The Bouqs corsage cart, Instagram wall, soda fountain & lounge

LEVEL TWO: Harry's barbershop, Jason Markk sneaker cleaning, rooftop soda fountain & lounge

Touchscreen Experience

For most of the guests, this will be their first time getting fit for a tuxedo. The touchscreen experience will walk each guest first through a questionnaire about fit and preferred style. Afterwards, they will be able to swipe through different pieces to completely customize their suit.


Each guest will receive a Baggu fanny pack filled with branded merchandise from each Prom King partner brand: Trojan, Jason Markk, Harry's, Happy Socks, and PopSocket. All of the items in the swag bag are not only prom night essentials but can be enjoyed long after the event is over.