Mad Hat Creative

Design & Webflow Development

Mad Hat Creative is an Atlanta-based, full-service video production agency whose client list includes Amazon Studios, Coca-Cola, and Delta, to name a few. They came to me wanting a fresh new website to showcase their work. We worked collaboratively to create a web design which I then developed in Webflow, providing them with an easy-to-update CMS and client-first class structure so they could quickly make changes on the fly.


To kickoff the project, I worked with the Mad Hat team to create a sitemap that adequately met all their needs, both current and future. When working with clients I always aim to address any future page needs to minimize the need to spend more money on new pages down the line.


During our initial call, the client made it clear that they wanted to keep the site simple by minimizing the amount of pages and amount of content overall. I love creating high-fidelity wires to share with my clients to give them a better idea of the end result.

Design Exploration

Below are some of the initial design explorations that we evolved for the final iteration.

Final Design

The final design perfectly encapsulated the team's vision for their new site: simple, functional, and a great way to show off their hard work.