The Louvre

AR App Design

The Louvre is the biggest and most visited museum in the world. It's impossible to see it all, so the Louvre app is designed to make visiting the Louvre more accessible by giving visitors access to guided tours, interactive AR experiences, and more.

Center Ring Student Show: Gold in Interactive Design
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Users can select from a variety of guided tours or create their own. Once the tour is started, users can pull up the "Live Tour" tab at any time to view which pieces have yet to be visited and get directions to the next location.
Users can access the interactive AR camera view at any point in the app. Each piece of art will have a primary tab where users can read more about the piece and additional nodes will point out different specific facts about the art piece.
Users can view an interactive map that shows their current location, as well as the locations of the items on the tour they're currently on. They can also search the map for specific pieces or points of interest and get turn-by-turn directions.